Movie times

Dean says he isn't going to be able to afford to take me to a movie in the U.S. With recliners and wine and food service here in Panama for $12-$14 per movie... I may be a little spoiled.

Halftime entertainment

The thing about watching the NBA feed in Panama is we don’t get the commercials or halftime commentary. We get the actual arena halftime shows like this one of a very white-haired man doing a handstand on balancing chairs. Impressive. Last night’s game had the senior dance team of New Orleans.


We had our first tremor last night. Just Dean and I were home, sitting on the couch. As former Californians, it’s almost reassuring. The Earth moves for Californians (so many innuendos here). A quake in a concrete house with all-tile floors is a different experience than in our wood-framed U.S. houses made to move with…