We’ve got just a few days left in Panama. I’ve been lucky. Haven’t been caught in a true downpour. It rains 9 months out 12 here in Panama. And when I say rain, I mean RAIN, downpours, buckets of water. Big, fat drops of rain and they come on quick. You can see the clouds in the distance. You think you will make it and then …

Today was my day for this Panamanian rite of passage. Most times when it starts raining I have had an umbrella or there was a roof to hide under, wait it out.

But today, Neil needed something at school so I walked over from the hotel. It’s a nice walk. Takes about 15 minutes. After, I walked over to a nearby café for a cup of coffee. It was lovely. And then I saw the clouds in the distance. Better get myself back to the hotel.

Made it about half way when the first drops started falling.

I dodged my way home under awnings and leafy trees. It was a futile attempt at staying more dry than wet. The rain just kept falling harder. Big, fat, warm rain and I gave up. I just enjoyed the walk.

I was soaked by the time I got to the hotel. Soaked but laughing. No one batted an eye in the lobby. This is Panama after all.

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