So far we have had to explain multiple things in the house to our movers in Panama.

The fire pit was the first conundrum. We took the cover off so they could exam it. Gas fire pit, fake stone outside, marble top with hazel-toned tumbled glass in the fire area. You could see them wondering why. I have wondered why we dragged it down here. No chance am I adding additional heat to any outdoor experience.

Then they saw the crushed glass in the center. You know that “art” glass you pay extra for  so it looks pretty?

“Who broke it? How bad!” They were quite genuinely concerned and felt bad that our pretty patio decoration was damaged.

Yeah, we are idiots who bought broken glass to add to fire. It was expensive too.

Then the zippered bags of bocce balls were of interest. It was a game they hadn’t encountered before. Basketball seemed the favorite among the movers. Among the Yerems too.

Next they discovered Dean’s stash of dutch ovens he uses for camping (oh, cobbler how I love you.). Our movers are not campers.

I love these moments when everyday items are shared, information exchanged. We happened to be sharing this time. The past year has been a lot of learning on our part. I’m wondering what will live in our daily lives that we learned here? What recipes (sancocho?), what habits, what have we learned that will affect how we live in the U.S.?

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