I met an actual tug boat captain! He works at the canal. I thought about taking a selfie with him, but I thought that might appear creepy.

He said he used to be able to bring guests on board the tugboats and they could sit right next to him while he helped a ship into the locks. But recent crackdowns on visitors have put an end to that. He also complained about the pay, which explains a recent one-day strike by tugboat operators.

Ahhh, tugboats. I love them. The sound of their horns, watching them push/pull a ship into the lock.

It’s like I’ve met a superhero. Feeling like a groupie.

One thought on “Tugboat groupie

  1. Growing up in Panamá , one of our best friends was a tug boat captain. He would often take a seagoing tug out to tow in to Balboa or Cristobal a disabled freighter for repairs.


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