We had friends visiting last week and another friend arrives on Friday. Tourist central! It’s exciting to share Panama with our U.S. friends.

It also forces us up and out! No matter where you live, you get complacent with your life just getting the daily stuff done — school, practices, work, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, etc.

Visitors encourage the tourist in you. We had so much fun with our friends — a family of four (Hi Ken! Hi Tamara! Hi Reese! Hi Levi!).

I need no excuse to visit the canal. It’s my favorite place here. But we went to the Biomuseo, Panama Viejo, the Sloth Sanctuary and we took a boat ride on the river, canal and Gatun Lake. Most repeats for us, but exciting to revisit.

I forgot how much I liked the patio at the Biomuseo as you watch ships head in or out of the canal (see photo). I need to be here at sunset one of these days soon.P3txPTvmGRUcTDywbZw

We drank Geisha coffee (that’s the $100 a pound world’s most expensive coffee grown in Panama. $9 for a cup at Cafe Unido in the American Trade Hotel).


We even crossed something off my Panama bucket list: Danilo’s Jazz Club in Casco Viejo. It was a happy accident. Casco Viejo has so very little parking. Dean had dropped us off at a rum bar (it’s a rough life we lead.) and couldn’t find parking so he used the valet at the American Trade Hotel. The valet was insistent that he had to go to the American Trade if he was dropping off the car. Dean figured we would have a drink there before we left and all would be good. So after the rum bar, we headed to the American Trade looking for a drink and stumbled into the jazz club.

It was fantastic. Everything that a jazz club should be. Intimate, a bit moody, amazing music and great service. It was lovely. I’m hoping to visit again soon.

Next up on the turista list is our fishing friend Graeme. We have lake fishing and ocean fishing lined up.

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