The tap, tap, tap of the woodpecker on the tree just outside of our yard is a pleasant sound that isn’t out of the ordinary. The sound comes and goes. Birds flit and fly about the yard on a regular basis. Birds so colorful and so beautiful I really should document them.

But the tap, tap, tap of the woodpecker reminds me today that the screeching bird isn’t screeching. We’ve had WEEKS of a bird crying out a good portion of the day.





I spent some time on the internet today, and I think it might have been a Harpy Eagle (the national bird of Panama). Did you know there are websites devoted to cataloging the individual sounds of birds? Here’s the Harpy link. The third one on the list is from Panama. The 10th one on the list is from the Pipeline area near us. I’m not an expert but it certainly was close to that sound.

Today has been oddly quiet without our screeching neighbor. The woodpecker was a welcome sound. Makes me feel like all is well in the jungle behind my house. Don’t birds go quiet when there is danger near? Didn’t I learn that from a movie?

Birding is big in Panama. Among tourists at least. We were at dinner the other night and a nearby table of 12 was cataloging all the birds they had seen on their visit to Panama. It was quite an impressive list.

One of the top birding spots in the world is about a half-hour from my home. It looks like a dusty, dirty, rough trail to me, but apparently it’s a treasure trove of birds. I was too startled by the Howler monkeys and being followed by a coatimundi to pay attention to the birds. The Pipeline Road is a World War II era emergency trail to bring oil across the isthmus of Panama. It was never used, but the rough road and the pipes are still there.

There are almost a thousand bird species in Panama. I might need to up my twitcher game.



2 thoughts on “Birds

  1. There is no place like Panama for birding–more species there than any other place in the world. I’m glad you are interested. How about taking some pictures?


    1. I will work on the photos! We couldn’t find the Harpy Eagle, but we could hear it. The woodpecker visits regularly so chances are good! We have some regular visitors who I’ll photograph also. Are you a birder?


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