Carnival is happening in the country of Panama, but the city of Panama is EMPTY. The place clears out. Traffic Friday and Saturday morning was ugly, but now you can cruise the city with ease. We were a little worried when we saw maps showing street closures that last from Friday morning through Wednesday… We stocked up and figured if all else failed we would hunker down in Casa Yerem (There’s a pizza place at the end of the street. Our survival is guaranteed.).

The freedom of driving the city without traffic is too tempting to resist. Dean and I have made a couple just drive around trips. We’ve been cruising across bridges, flying down freeways and just generally exploring.

Usually, Dean’s morning commute takes 45 minutes to go about 12 miles total. And that’s a great commute time here. Neil’s school is just over a mile away. It is not unusual depending on what time he gets out of practice for it to take a half hour to get home. There has been a couple trips over an hour. The first time Jack left to get Neil at school and didn’t return for almost two hours was a bit of a panic attack for me (cell phones were down too).


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