Turns out not only do you not get your vehicle license renewal in the mail, you also don’t get your insurance renewal in the mail.

We purchased car insurance in July. In California, your insurance goes for a year (July to June in this case). We filled out the auto-renewal paperwork and figured we were set.

In Panama, the company we purchased from runs their policies from January to December. Unfortunately, we missed this in the purchase process. And since there is no mail and this company doesn’t do emails, our insurance expired in December and we did not know.

We found out when Dean tried to renew the car registration. Surprise.

When your car insurance expires, the policy is cancelled and you start the process all over again — car inspections and photographs, reviews of all the paperwork, new copies of all your documentation. And more auto-renewal paperwork.

The gentleman at the insurance company was pleased that Dean had copies of the original paperwork. “This will make it much easier.” Apparently the company doesn’t keep copies of their own paperwork and there is no computer trail. We were told that is probably why the policy wasn’t auto-renewed. The actual piece of paper we signed was lost, tossed out, etc. and since their is no record of it physically or on the computer … no insurance.

Still working on renewing the car registration.

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