We left Atlanta with temperatures ranging from 8-30 degrees Fahrenheit and landed in summer in Panama — 89 degrees with humidity around 70 percent. We landed, headed through immigration and customs (a breeze with our resident cards by the way! It’s a post for another day, but I feel like we are treated better in Panamanian customs/immigration than the U.S.), and then walked out those airport doors into Panama. I won’t lie… it felt a little like home.

When we first moved to Panama, there were airline difficulties, delays and four of us in four middle seats randomly around the plane for an almost 7-hour flight. It was not a setup for a triumphant entrance into this country as we moved through the airport doors into a hot, steamy dark world. (It had just rained and it was night time.)

This time was different. It was still night time. And there was a bit of rain in the air. But there was a breeze, a friendly face of our driver Carlos and we were headed to our house in the jungle. We woke up to bright blue skies, warm sunshine and the lush green land that is Panama.

I know we are north of the equator which is the dividing line between hemispheres, but it’s summer here.

Summer sun, “dry” season weather conditions, Panamanian schools out until March, local malls advertising swimsuits, sandals and pool supplies. Kids are playing in the street in the evening. Neighbors walking after sunset.

Definitely summer.

Feeling a bit like a Panameneo when I say it does feel drier, there is less rain and a tropical breeze is my favorite part of this season. I even have windows and doors open …

Panama, we need to talk about screens. I know it’s a NorteAmericano thing but there’s a jungle in my backyard.

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