In Panama, Halloween as we know it seems relatively new. There is some trick or treating, but it seemed like the kids thought it was odd. The parents were excited though. I don’t even have kids who trick or treated and I loved it.

Dean’s work had a festival last week for little kids. Every department decorated and handed out treats. Dean showed a Brazilian coworker how to carve a jack o’lantern. (Very few pumpkins for sale here. $9 for a small one.)

In our complex, Saturday night was the official night. Parents and kids met at the front of the complex and went in a big group. (Seven houses in our cul de sac and I think 3 gave out treats). Young kids running around, getting candy, yelling to friends. One mom asking for wine. Perfect!

We handed out Kit Kats. I thought about full-size candy bars (my dad’s tradition). Turns out we were the exception handing out chocolate instead of little hard candies or lollipops. It is in the 80s here 24/7 soooo maybe chocolate isn’t the best …

We decorated cookies, watched Charlie Brown and “Psycho.”

Most of the decorations are put away (with the amount of rain you can’t really leave them outside) and the holiday declared a success before Monday!

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