The air conditioning units are being serviced today. Have I explained how the A/C works here?

We live in a concrete house so there isn’t central air. No ducts, no vents, no moving air from room to room. Each room has it’s own unit, like this:


You turn the air on in the room your are in when needed. I mostly always need air conditioning. Friends here estimate 6 months to a year before I am acclimated. I hope that it happens sooner than later. I’m really tired of always feeling sweaty.

Our A/C units are supposed to be serviced every 3 months at $25 per unit. We have 6 units. Beyond movie ticket prices, we have not discovered where Panama is cheaper than the U.S. (I think that’s out in the countryside).


2 thoughts on “Keeping our cool

  1. Hi JoAnn,

    Energy has always been high in Panama. As a kid in the 50s, my parents paid 12 cents per KWH. You mentioned being at Topper’s next Thursday after the CHS frosh game. It would be nice to stop by and say hi. Are you flying COPA?

    Art \ >


    1. Yes, we should be at Toppers at some point on Thursday. Come by! I will post on Facebook when we are there. We are flying COPA. I’m not great with airplanes so non-stop is required!


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