fullsizeoutput_64adBill paying is an interesting process here. Without a mail system, no bills in the mail. Some bills come by email. Some are put in your door. Some you are just supposed to know to transfer money to the correct account. And due dates don’t seem to be consistent. Fortunately, penalties seem to be just as casual.

We have paid three water bills since we moved in. All in the $25-$35 range. It includes a sewer fee and trash pickup. We have to pay these at the grocery store.

We have had this house since July 15. We have paid one electricity bill for $18. Now I know we are not using only $18 worth of electricity.

It’s hot and humid here. In the hotel, we kept that room at 19 degrees celsius. We now live with 24 degrees (about 75-76 degrees Fahrenheit). Please remember how humid it is here and my land of birth is the dry desert of Southern California. We have air conditioning units in each room (only running when someone is actually in the room). We have two dehumidifiers (upstairs and downstairs). We have ceiling fans, floor fans, TVs, computers, and we are using the lights.

That does not add up to $18 over the course of three months. At least it doesn’t add up if you are doing the math correctly.

Today in our front door we found two electricity bills. Our reckoning had come…

$833,78. (They use commas here by the way).


I’m not sure why we didn’t get last month’s bill last month, but the bill does give us time to pay it. It’s for $517, and we have till November 2 to pay it. The second bill is for $316 and we have till December 9 to pay that one.

Three months worth of electricity. $833.

I am going to show the kids the bill, shake my fist and hope it scares them into conserving electricity.

Because I’m sitting here at almost 7 p.m. in 84 degree weather with 85 percent humidity, and I’m thinking conservation isn’t going to be my strong point.

One thought on “OUCH

  1. I remember my parents paying twelve cents/KW hour back in the fifties. A/C was unheard of in private homes. I would have have loved to be cool as you are. Yes, it’s high, but a little conservation, you’ll do fine.

    Enjoying your blogs. A Panamanian buddy I grew up with, now living in Victorville, would enjoy reading your blogs. Do you mind if I forward them to him?




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