We have had our fair share of animal visitors lately. Every time a papaya drops from the tree in back we get more. Neil is hoping for a black jaguar. I’m hoping for a toucan. When I saw a papaya had dropped over night, I wondered what we might see today. I’m pretty sure jungle cats do not eat papaya so I wasn’t too worried. I’ve seen the usual group of birds and squirrels … until this evening. Sun had just set. Boys aren’t here. I’m sitting in the living room when Shyloh jumps up and starts growling at the back door — a low, fierce growl. I slowly got up and walked to the back door, couldn’t see anything so I switched on the patio light. A low black animal shot behind the outdoor furniture. I yelped. Shyloh’s still growling. I’m wondering how small jungle cats might be in Panama, and then … the cutest little Scottish terrier walks up to the door hoping I’ll let him in. I did not.


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