I’m sitting in my kitchen, listening to the wind blow through the jungle. I never thought of myself as a jungle person (too humid, too many bugs, too dark in there…), but the longer we are here the more I’m drawn to it.

It’s green and vibrant. So very different from where I grew up. Leaves and trees move differently. I’m not sure if it is the foliage or the animals within the rainforest.

Today is windy. The windiest day we have seen yet. For those in Southern California, it compares to a mild Santa Ana (not as warm nor as dry).  I hadn’t realized it, but I don’t think we have had wind before. A few breezes better never real wind.

I follow the Panamanian civil protection agency on Twitter. Today there is a countrywide weather warning for wind, rain and electrical activity (I’m assuming lightning.). That’s how small the country I am currently residing in is. It’s an entire country alert. We don’t get hurricanes so it’s not a catastrophic warning. But soggy ground makes for tree movement and hazardous roads. Panama has a serious traffic issue and potholes that can swallow a portion of your small Japanese car.

Along with the warning came a list of things to do if you are at home, outside or in your car. Staying at home was the No. 1 bit of advice. But there was also the call to avoid “hysteria.” Hysteria?

Sometimes I feel like I am living in Jumanji. I just don’t know what is coming …


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