My friend Sandee and I stopped at the Chinese Market today. I hadn’t been before. Sandee said not to get my hopes up. It has more produce than other stores, but it still isn’t the tropical paradise of fruits and vegetables we were expecting when we moved here. Fruits and vegetables have been a disappointment here. Watermelon is inedible. Corn is very tough. Cucumbers are tough too. Papaya has been ok. But my favorite has been Pineapple. It is very good here.

The store selection was good. Red onions that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Fresh green beans. Pre-made guacamole (which Sandee did not recommend). And packages of ensaladas. This one caught my eye:


The plastic wrap fogged up when I took it out of the refrigerator so it’s not the best focused photo. But the “salad” is darn good. Avocados, onions, cilantro (I think, but could be culantro which tastes close to cilantro but stronger) and LOTS of salt and pepper. All for $1.75.

I took it home and ate it with chips. DELICIOUS!

One thought on “Tasty treat

  1. JoAnn,

    Watermelons are of a different variety. My dad said they taste like gourds (not sure what a gourds taste like), basically tasteless. Mangos should be coming on soon as well as really good papayas. One fruit you have I did not have as a kid are tomatoes. What you can buy now is a tropical hybrid which is quite good. As you travel, look for tree ripened bananas. Nothing like it. Bananas I bought today at Vons Sand Canyon are good, but ripened in nitrogen chambers.

    Chirimoyas and Nancy berries are interesting. You are in for quite a culinary adventure.


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