The menfolk saw “It” last night. I did not. I’m not great with scary movies. I’m still haunted by the after school horror movie on TV that I watched in eighth grade. In fact, I was a little afraid to stay at home… alone… at night… while they watched the movie.

Guessing when a movie will come out in Panama has been a challenge. We got lucky with “It.” I think the release date was the same as the U.S. Because of licensing agreements sometimes we get a movie when the U.S. gets it, sometimes we don’t. And some theaters get it at different times. Release dates in Panama seem to be by theater.

Most movies can be seen with Spanish subtitles and the dialogue is in English — except for the animated movies (and TV shows for that matter). For a family of animation lovers it is discouraging. (We would wait for TV, but licensing agreements mean our Netflix, our Hulu and our Amazon Prime are all different. There are ways around it but not always successful.)

Movie theaters are fantastic. Every one we have encountered has been spotless, comfortable and with assigned seating. When you buy your tickets, you know exactly where you are sitting. The cost is low ($3.75-$4.75) unless you want the 4-D experience (yes, 4-D — 3-D glasses with the addition of rain, wind and motion). The 4-D tickets cost $14.75. Outrageously priced here… average movie in the U.S. We saw “Baby Driver” last week in 4-D and it was fun. Really fun. Lots of music, seats moving to the rhythm, a sprinkling of rain and great car chase action that kept me gripping the armrests.

Now if I could only get Junior Mints at the movies.




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