Dean’s company provides 80 hours of Spanish lessons for me. But first I had to be assessed. Others, including Dean, have gone through the assessment. They are shown a picture of a celebrity and asked to describe the person in Spanish. Hair color, eye color, personality, etc. Then they are asked English to Spanish vocabulary, etc.

The Spanish assessor arrived smartly dressed in polka-dotted black capris, crisp white shirt (with a little traditional mola embroidery on the shoulders. She had a beautiful designer bag on her arm — black, white, a bit of shocking pink and neon green. I liked her immediately.

She commented on my purse (Kate Spade black with a shocking pink interior. A seriously great outlet find in California right before we left.) with an “I love it!”

We chatted about purses, how expensive they were, where to get them. She told me about Black Weekend coming up in Panama — a sort of Black Friday but an entire weekend of sales and promotions at malls to get tourists to travel here during a low period. She also sadly informed me that there were no such thing as outlet malls in Panama. There are discount stores, but no mall where I could buy a Kate Spade purse at a reasonable amount.

Then we started filling out paperwork. She needed my passport number so I pulled out my wallet to get the copy of it that I carry around — my black-with-white-polka dots wallet. She declared we could be great friends.

This assessment was going really well. I’m not sure how much assessing was happening, but I was having a great time chatting with a fellow female.

Before it was over she asked if I spoke much Spanish. I explained my three years of high school Spanish more than 30 years ago. She asked if I could complete a sentence. I said I could complete very simple ones. I am… I want… What is …

Assessment over.

I can’t decide if I hope she’s my Spanish teacher because we will have a great time or I don’t want her as a teacher because we might not get around to the Spanish speaking.

One thought on “Spanish lessons

  1. Estimados Dean y JoAnn,

    La mejor manera de practicar su español es hablar con frases cortas. No es importante hablar perfectamente. Comunicar es lo más importante. Los panameños tienen mucha paciencia. Yo oro que aprendan rápidamente el español. Es una lengua muy fonética y muy bonita.

    Abrazos, hermano y hermana en Cristo,


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