We had our first tremor last night. Just Dean and I were home, sitting on the couch.

As former Californians, it’s almost reassuring. The Earth moves for Californians (so many innuendos here). A quake in a concrete house with all-tile floors is a different experience than in our wood-framed U.S. houses made to move with a quake. It was like a rumble. Thunder has shaken the house more.

The quake was only barely above a 4.0, and it was centered across the country. But that’s less than 36 miles from where we are. At its narrowest the country of Panama is only 30 miles (48 km) across.

Now I’m a journalist at heart. My first instinct is to scroll the wires for info. While I no longer have access to “the wires,” I do have access to the internet and international news and information.

I’ve spent too many years asking/answering who, what, when, where and why. Reading the news here makes me crazy. Sometimes you get two of who, what and where answered. Occasionally you get when. Very seldom do you get why.  I have this fantasy of hunting down the newsroom and just taking care of business.

The earthquake story exactly as it was sent out:

PANAMA’S Civil Protection Service (Sinaproc) issued a “stay calm” Tweet after a strong earth tremor was felt across Panama City after 8 pm on Thursday, August 24.
The intensity was unknown, according to the Information Service of the Ministry of Government.
Sinaproc said that so far there are no reports of ncidents and called on the general population to remain calm.
“We reiterate the call to calm; There are no reports of damages (…)

I understand that these stories are being translated. You can’t always trust the “before” or “after” wording. They get switched regularly. And some of the nuances of a story are lost when you move it from one language to another.

BUT … I had the magnitude, the exact time and location of the earthquake by 10 p.m. last night when I did a quick internet search. According to earthquaketrack.com, there was a 4.1 quake at 7:38 p.m. Thursday centered in Portobelo, Colón, Panama.

Did you note the attribution? The what? The when? The where?

As for the why? Well, the Earth moves. Especially for Californians …






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