In between crushed lampshades and ridiculously wrapped rocks, we uncover items that bring back memories. Beds are sporting quilts made by my grandma and my mom. Glassware I bought when I was 25 and travelled to Prague to work for an English-language newspaper (Prognosis). These glasses have survived the ’94 Northridge Quake, a couple Santa Clarita moves, being on shelves in a room that boys would play in, and now they have survived U.S. Customs and a container trip to Panama. Tucked next to them were crystal shot glasses a friend brought back from Czechoslovakia for our wedding.


This guy was my Dad’s. His twin sister is/was a teacher and one of her students made it. I’ve carried him around for years. Makes me think of my dad and my aunt.


Many of you know that Neil is rabid Oregon Ducks fan. His Ducks gear all made it in tact, including his favorite mug (made by family friends). Neil will continue to drink his soda in style. (And yes those are plantains from our back yard tree.)


My Uncle Jerry’s art work made it too! He painted this as part of a 20-piece challenge. I dragged PTA friends to see it at a gallery in Sacramento.


And Dean’s Aunt Betty. Her pottery is throughout our house — art tiles, mugs, bowls, umbrella stand (that we can actually use as an umbrella stand).

There are more things, but you don’t have to go through the list with me. It all makes it feel like home. Like family and friends are with us.

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