The water stopped working about midday yesterday. Was it the water bill? Was it the issues with the water heater again?

When you don’t speak the language well it’s not easy to call the water company up. And truthfully, I have no water company information. We haven’t seen a bill, a company name, nothing. We just have water. Well, usually we have water. I’m guessing a bill will show up eventually?

I texted the landlord. Texting is a saving grace. I can text him. He can translate words he doesn’t know. He can text me. I can do the same. I’m thankful for it!

Turns out a pipe leading to our housing area had broken and was being repaired.

And we all know what no water means… We can’t do dishes so these guys had to take me out…

We explored a local strip mall. Found a great kitchen store that also had beautiful finished slabs of wood for sale. The pieces of wood were slices from the caoba tree. Hmmm, we are going to need a souvenir from this trip, right?

And we found a lovely internet cafe with good food, charming local wares for sale and delicious desserts.

The only moment of fear was when the most expensive thing on the menu was a word that didn’t translate. We had no idea what it was. Dean asked the waitress. She described it as “carne.” Ok, beef? She shrugged her shoulders. Steak? She shrugged again.

Dean ordered the mystery meat. Turns out is was a perfectly prepared skirt steak in a wine sauce. Best mystery meat ever!

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