I’m thankful for whoever at the Post Office in Florida figures out our mail is going to the wrong address and somehow gets it to us at the right address. Today we received a book we thought was lost to the great void of undeliverable mail. Suggested by Arthur Edwards, my high school Spanish teacher and father/grandfather to family friends. That makes him a family friend too, doesn’t it?

Sr. Ed was born in Panama, making him and and any children (I know his daughter) Panamanian citizens. Funny, I remember him describing this beautiful country during Spanish class. My high school self had no idea…

One thought on “It can get here from there!

  1. Thank you, JoAnn! I am grateful you are learning about the history and culture of the Panamanians. The people there have roots all over the world going back to the construction of the canal 1904-1914. To my knowledge, you are the only former student who has gone to live in my native land. Now that makes you very special. Here is another observation: In my 39 years teaching Spanish, I had students in my classes from every Spanish-speaking nation, except one–Panama!


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