This is actually a Facebook post of Dean’s but I thought it blog worthy. I might steal more of his posts and add them here to document our adventure.

Dean used to take the 14 to the the 5 (with plenty of trips on the 210, 134 and 2).

Dean’s words:

So day four of my morning commute and I thought I would share my drive as compared to before. Yes, we moved into the house on Saturday!! First I drive down to the Panama Canal and drive along beside it until I hit the city. Before hitting the waterfront, I get to glance over old town and see some of the Spanish colonials. Drive along the waterfront between skyscrapers and the Pacific. After a toll on the other side of the city I drive along the Corredor Sur and watch the sun rise over the ocean. Twelve miles in about 35 minutes each day so far. And either Madonna died or her birthday is today because the radio station I listen to played only her music on the way in today. Enjoy your day.


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