In Panama we don’t have to bring our own bags to the grocery store. There’s no recycling bin or green waste can to put out on trash day. There aren’t multiple cans at the mall for recycling water bottles, food waste and other trash.

In the hotel, it was water bottle after water bottle after water bottle. Mentally I could see them washing ashore…


Every time you go to the store, there’s a lot of wrapping up of purchases before you leave. We bought a simple casserole dish and this was the packaging…


Even buying hot dogs for dinner (really, why are we missing hot dogs?!) adds to the garbage pile. You have the plastic package of hot dogs and each hot dog is individually wrapped in plastic.

It’s kind of overwhelming.

In a bigger picture Panama has worked hard to combat the loss of rain forest and to reforest areas that have been damaged. The new Panama Canal locks re-use 60 percent of its water. I’m sure there is more I don’t know.

But for me personally, I feel like I’m doing more damage than before.


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