The immigration process has many twists and turns. We are lucky. We have official corporate assistance. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to do without the help — not knowing the language, not understanding the process.

As parents, we are guilty of not thinking of Jack as an adult. But the immigration process does not have that sentimentality.

This week’s fun was Jack had to go to a notary to swear he was single. His signature had to match his passport exactly. It took a bit of practice. When Jack got his passport he was still figuring out how he wanted his signature to look. There was a lot of experimentation. You can imagine what it looks like on his OFFICIAL passport and the degree of difficulty in recreating it.

Eventually … success!

But then the government official who would stamp the paperwork didn’t think Jack read and wrote good enough Spanish to know what he was signing so a translator was called.


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