I’m discouraged. We’ve been living out of suitcases for a month. My friends and family are back home celebrating a long, happy holiday weekend. I’m sitting in a hotel, googling ways to spruce up a rental kitchen. I miss my kitchen. It was so perfect for me. Nothing overly extravagant but lots of counter space, an oven I knew by heart, cupboards built for dishes and pans that we used regularly. I liked how it looked. I liked how it felt.

The new kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, it’s the worst part of the house. Dingy granite countertops that I suspect were never sealed. Old cabinets that are creaky and a little worrisome. The space is huge. In fact, there’s so much space between the two sides of the kitchen, we could add a very large island. I’m trying to console myself with the idea of a beautiful island and a definite upgrade on the kitchen faucet. I will NOT be doing this …



I found several links for this photo, but couldn’t find the original to give photo credit.

2 thoughts on “Not so golden

  1. Why not? Wouldn’t it make you chuckle a little inside every time you saw the fridge? Embrace eccentricity!


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