We bought used cars, and we have to insure them before we can drive them off the lot. We contact the insurance company, give them the needed info. We get back forms in Spanish. We expect forms in Spanish. We are in a Spanish-speaking country. Just makes it a little harder on us. Thankfully, someone from human resources at Dean’s work sits with him and explains things and tells him where to sign.

The rate for two used cars (2015 and 2012 models) is just over $500. Ouch. $500 a month. We are parents of a teenaged boy who drives. We know there will be pain when paying for auto insurance. We paid about $2,400 a year in the U.S. on two cars in the 2000 model year.

$500 a month. OUCH. But we bite the bullet and say ok. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

And then the HR rep pauses and says, “A month? No. That’s the yearly rate, and if you want to pay in advance you can get a discount.”

Send us your teenaged drivers.

One thought on “Car insurance

  1. The best thing about Panama are the people. You will find this to be true as you live there. Joann, I am enjoying your blogs. Keep them coming. ~Señor Ed

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