We got mail today! Two letters and two packages! It’s like we might really live here. I can’t believe how excited we all were. Jack got a card from family friends (Thank you Tish!) and his official high school transcripts in a sealed envelope for delivery to FSU. Dean had bought a book on Amazon to test the service back in May and before he could pick it up, he travelled back to California. I received my FabFitFun box! A bit extravagant but always a joy to receive. It’s like a present to myself. And this box contained, among other things, sunscreen, a glass water bottle and a passport cover and luggage tag. How did they know?!

We picked up our mail at the Mail Boxes, Etc. in El Dorado, near our future home. That’s why we gave you all a Miami address, then the mail is couriered to Panama City for us to pick up. For reference, we paid 87 cents per letter and $34 for the two boxes. We quickly signed up for the monthly fee versus the per piece program! $27 a month for a physical connection to Amazon Prime! And you guys, of course.

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