We arrived last Friday. One week in a hotel trying to get phones, furniture, cars, house keys, electricity, water and internet in that house …

We have house keys. Yay!

We have electricity and water. Yay!

Rental furniture is scheduled for Tuesday delivery. We are hoping it is this coming Tuesday, not the next. We’ve been warned that “Tuesday delivery” could mean any Tuesday in the future. I’m thinking we will need bedding, etc. once we have delivery.

Car shopping is happening in the morning. The consensus is anything Japanese because that seems the most likely to find a repair shop. And looking at the traffic and the way driving seems to go… We are going to need that repair shop.

Phones have been their own struggle.  But we have managed to get them unlocked and a contract has been signed. We don’t have Panamanian utility bills yet so we had to pay three months in advance. There should be new Sim cards on Monday afternoon and we will just pop them in the phones and they will work — I remain eternally hopeful.

Because you know what a phone means in this day and age, right? It means freedom. It means access to translation, to maps, to uber, to communications with others.

I think of when I arrived in Prague in 1991. Just arrived. No phone. No internet. No real directions. A friend was supposed to arrive too. She didn’t. So I rented a place to sleep for two nights, and I set out on my own two feet to find the newspaper office. Sounds good doesn’t it? In reality, I did rent that place; a stranger on the street had to help me unlock the door; I cried myself to sleep and spent two days wandering on the wrong side of the Vltava River. I eventually handed a cab driver the address written on a piece of paper and paid WAY too much to get to the newspaper. I was thankful to find friends and plenty of help once I got there.

Working on getting there in Panama.



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