Today we woke up to rain, wind and warmth. It’s very gray out.  If I crank the hotel A/C I could pretend it is a cold day, eat soup and read books from bed.

We are holed up in the hotel, playing games and debating what to do next today. The boys have been working out in the hotel gym. There’s been swimming. There’s been a visit to the spa. I’m planning a sauna/steam room trip next. It’s a bit like being luxurious hostages.

We are waiting to get electricity, internet and rental furniture for the house. And a car for Dean to get from the house to work.

We are working on phones. We can’t uber without them. We’ve been warned against taxis, but I see people doing it regularly. Should I really not use a taxi? Or is that the hostage speaking?

There’s a bus system and a very limited metro system. We’ve explored the strip malls around us. How many times can the boys watch Ted 2 on HBO while I pretend they aren’t watching such trash.

Quality reading time is next. Neil’s going to be thrilled.

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