Day Two of trying to unlock phones. It’s making me crazy. AT&T kindly puts “unlocking your phone is simple with a few steps…” on its website.


We need phones. Phones with Panamanian numbers so we don’t just rely on the hotel Wi-Fi to communicate. We’ve paid good money for perfectly good phones. Why can’t we use them? First we needed AT&T to stop sending emails to the email address they assigned us when we started service (sometime back in 1999). Thankfully, we had an alternative email on the account and convinced someone to send an email there instead of xx45x1 something, something, something at We paid off the phones online. Then we had to find a mobile security code that we didn’t know we had so we couldn’t “remember” it. We jumped that hurdle. Next we needed the IMEI numbers which you can so easily get if you just text #06# on our phone — if you are in the United States. OK, we googled it and figured out another way. Got that…

For those who think we should of tried this in the U.S., we did. The “helpful” AT&T person at our local store said to wait until we actually moved because we could do it all online and wouldn’t mess up our ability to use the phones while we were still in the U.S.

Now we are in a 24-hour hold before we can unlock the phones and hopefully a tablet that AT&T doesn’t recognize as its own. Clearly we need an international hacker.

P.S. The headline is the first words Alexander Graham Bell spoke on his new invention.

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