I thought I would treat myself to a spa treatment. This international moving thing has been a little stressful and a mama has to take care of herself, right?

Yesterday after visiting the pool area with the boys, I stopped by the spa welcome desk. I met a lovely woman named Luz and she signed me up for a facial at 1 p.m. She even sent me off with a brochure in English. Perfect! I have instructions in a language I fully understand. Gonna be great! The brochure told me to arrive a half hour early to use the Hydrothermal Wellness Area. I’m positive I like Hydrothermal Wellness Areas.

Today I packed my bag with a swimsuit, towel, clean clothes. I wasn’t sure what I would need. The spa didn’t seem to be busy but it catered to men and women so I thought I would err on the safe side. I’m in a foreign country, feeling a bit insecure and probably not up to nudity at the spa. I visited a spa in Hungary once. All ages. All genders. All kinds of bodies. All very naked. A beautiful, liberating kind of thing. Just wasn’t ready for that freedom in Panama.

I arrived at the spa at 12:30 p.m. ready to get some hydrothermal-ing happening. No one was at the desk. Hmmmm.

So I sat in a chair and picked up a magazine. Too bad I didn’t have my phone so I could take a photo of my favorite advertisement, which had everything in Spanish except for the words: “My demanding wife. You are so right about this store!” My ladies would have liked that one!

Luz arrived shortly. Took me into the dressing room and gave me a locker key and pointed to a chair for me to sit when I was ready. Ok. I figured there would be some sort of discussion whether to use steam room or sauna, or maybe the hydrothermal spring?

I was completely alone so I slipped into the robe and slippers. Ready to go.

Luz took me to the facial room. Maybe there would be hydrothermal-ing after?

She told me to lay down and put my head in a specific spot and then she handed me a small towel before she stepped out of the room. So I laid down and tried to cover up specific bits with the towel. Which bits to cover? Note to self: should have been a bit more diligent with the shaving.

I tried to relax. Closed my eyes. Took deep breaths. Reminded myself that this was supposed to HELP with the stress. The room was dimly lit and quiet. It could be relaxing if I let it. So I started to let myself…

And then the door burst open, someone grabbed the towel, I jackknifed up but was pushed back down by Luz as she said, “You got boobs. I got boobs. We have all same.”

Great. Luz struggles with English, but she’s got the word “boobs” down.

Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a facial and I don’t recall the spotlight directly into my eyes. But there it was. Like staring into a headlight. I closed my eyes and tried to give in to the moment. Blackheads (no bonito black spots to Luz) were ruthlessly removed. My face, neck and shoulders were scrubbed thoroughly. My hands and arms were scrubbed too. Then everything was covered in what felt like a masque. Moisturizer was tapped on my eyelids and my lips, and they were covered with cucumber (I think. My eyes were closed.) and Luz said the masque had to dry for 10 minutes.

Ahhhh… this is where I’ll truly relax. Deep breaths, maybe even nod off.

And then something was poured on my feet. Moisturizer? Cleanser? I suspect cleanser. My legs were thoroughly scrubbed, massaged and I think coated with the masque. I signed up for a facial, right? Maybe I was unclear in my pigeon Spanish. Highly likely.

Where was this “facial” going? I REALLY should have been more diligent with the shaving.

But then Luz started massaging my shoulders and neck. Hot stones under my shoulders and warm rolled up towels under my neck felt amazing. This was good. Luz started to massage my scalp. Ahhhhhh. So nice.

And then the door opened. As I was wondering who had come into the room, Luz whispered the word “ghost” and gave a slight laugh.

As my time with Luz was winding down, she gave me product to use tomorrow, and then said, “Four hours or tomorrow to shower.”

Seriously? No hydrothermal-ing for me today.

An amazing thing happened though. My neck and shoulders feel relaxed. My face is as clean as it has ever been and heavily moisturized. My hands and feet feel great and are very soft.

I smell fantastic.

Thank goodness because that shower is still a couple hours away…


2 thoughts on “A spa day

  1. LOL….can’t wait to see how your next spa adventure turns out. Glad she noticed you have boobs, you ghost. Keep the updates coming. Loving hearing what you guys are doing.


    1. Glad you like it! I’m trying not to make fun of the country, but of us. Everyone here has been kind, funny and willing to help us communicate. Lots of laughter.


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