With moving, comes forms. Lots of forms. And everyone wants your forwarding address. We don’t exactly have one. When someone asks for our address, we aren’t sure how to answer.

Panama doesn’t have a postal system like the United States. I’m not even sure it has a system as rudimentary as the one I found in Prague in 1991 (shortly after the fall of communism).

Mail is definitely NOT delivered to your door. We have been told to set up a Mail Boxes, Etc. account. They give you a Miami address to use. Mail is then couriered over to Panama City. Takes a couple extra days. You know what that means, don’t you? There’s still hope for Amazon Prime.

Most forms don’t have room for you name and the Panama City code that has to be included on the Miami forwarding address. We’ve spent a lot of time talking people through it, including the U.S. Postal Service. Filling out our address change card required an in-person visit and an extended conversation. I’m hoping it actually works the way we are describing. We will see if we get mail next month!

Physically in Panama our “address” will be the name of the complex, the number of the house we are living in (not a street number, the actual number as in this was the 35th house built in this complex) and the area. If there’s not an actual street address how do you find a friend’s home? How do you Waze?

At the vet’s today, they had me put my old address, write the new “address” and give them the Miami address.

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