What’s for lunch?

Have you met the sweet Ohio boy I married? Meat, potatoes, corn… He moved to Florida when he was young so fish and chips were added to his culinary repertoire. In a land of menus in Spanish, Dean thought it was safe to order fish and chips …


He did say it was tasty fish, just not what he expected.

Our House

The house sold, papers signed, repairs and updates done…

Ever since we put the house up for sale, it hasn’t felt like our home. I figured once the staging and photos were done, after the open houses, after the sterilizing process of getting a house ready to sell was over, the “home” feeling would return somewhat.

But it hasn’t. I’m sleeping in a stranger’s bed, sitting at someone else’s table, and cleaning another cook’s kitchen. It’s felt like we are borrowing a home from people who are a great deal like us, just not us. They have great taste. They’ve made some admirable design decisions. It’s just not ours. Instead of Airbnb, it’s Soon2bformer lodging.

Sometimes I catch myself wandering the house, looking for that proverbial comfy chair but I can’t find it anymore. I was complaining to the boys that there’s no place to sit in this house…

They pointedly looked at the dozen or so places I could plant myself — couch, chairs, stools, ottomans. Lots of options.

Too bad none are as comfortable as they used to be.

Every gentleman needs an umbrella

One of the first things Dean bought upon arrival in Panama. I’m wondering if everyone really carries an umbrella or if they just run for cover and wait the rain out. Dean says so far the rain doesn’t seem to last long but it can rain hard quickly.